How strongly do you agree or disagree with the statements below?

Try not to spend too long thinking about your answers — give your first reaction and respond honestly. This quiz takes approximately five minutes to complete.

I have a vivid imagination

I believe in the importance of art

I seldom feel blue

I have a sharp tongue

I am not interested in abstract ideas

I find it difficult to get down to work

I panic easily

I tend to vote for liberal political candidates

I am not easily bothered by things

I make friends easily

I often feel blue

I get chores done right away

I suspect hidden motives in others

I rarely get irritated

I do not like art

I dislike myself

I keep in the background

I do just enough work to get by

I am always prepared

I tend to vote for conservative political candidates

I feel comfortable with myself

I avoid philosophical discussions

I waste my time

I believe that others have good intentions

I am very pleased with myself

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